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David Huston; today
1980 O’Tahiti studio

David Huston;

has worked professionally in audio video recording and also radio and TV broadcasting for over 40 years.He has experience recording and producing in major studios in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Wright State University TV Center in Dayton, Ohio and in Tahiti where he was chief engineer for five years at O’ Tahiti Studio.

1980 O’Tahiti studio

David has numerous Jazz, Blues, rock and pop record albums and singles credits; e.g. Howlin‘ Wolf and Jimmy Buffet. David holds a lifetime FCC Radio & Television operators permit. He is also a Certified Electronics Technician and has a degree in computer electronics from the Cleveland Institute of Technology. David is the owner of Inca Lane Post Production in Henderson, Nevada where he works on; recording, mixing and editing digital video and multi track audio projects for clients.


Phil Calvin; today


Phil in 1983 video


Phil Calvin; 

started playing drums in his middle teens  and later switched to bass; after which he  joined an “All Occasion” band and played with them for 28 years. In his mid-twenties he attended Electronics Technology Institute in Cleveland, OH and later completed his Bachelor’s degree. Phil began a long professional career in industrial electronics design and manufacturing. 


He continued to perform music with his band, playing multiple gigs on a regular basis. Phil also began to pursue audio and video recording  with the “All Occasion” band and collaborated with many other musicians, including his brother J Calvin.

Phil recently built a mobile hardware multi track audio recording rig which records unlimited tracks to a laptop running custom Linux based DAW software . Phil is also very involved in video production.