What we can do

Thank you for looking at Inca Lane post  production  on the DHEAV website. We provide audio and video production services including on location live A/V recording. 

For live audio recording; normally we like to record multi track audio using             hardware in our custom designed mobile rigs. We also have a Zoom  F8 we can use to record smaller bands, duo’s and trios. 

Our  DAW’s are Linux based, Ardour,  Reaper-WINE and Windows based; StudioOne 3 Pro and Reaper 5.4 

We  like  cameras to record video. These cameras produce excellent results in low light environments. Our video is recorded in  format; H.264 which will render 1080p Mp4 and this is perfect for uploads to YouTube, Vimeo, facebook, et al.  

We prefer to edit, and create video FX with Vegas Pro 14

We use Vasst,  and Titler Pro 5 to help you create really amazing titles and credits.



One last note; We do not provide PA or sound reinforcement; that is not what we do. So fugetaboutit. We can however; either provide you with a stereo feed from our recording mix that you can use in YOUR PA setup; Or we can tap into your FOH aux sends to send discrete channels to our “rig” e.g. You can use your own vocal mics and send the channels to our mixer. This helps in eliminating the need for “mic splitters”. And you’ll be more at home using your vocal mics. 




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